My Story About OceanWP & Zeus Elementor

My Story About OceanWP & Zeus Elementor

Hello everyone,

For those who don’t know me, my name is Nicolas Lecocq, the founder of OceanWP with all associated plugins, and recently I created a new theme called OlympusWP and the Zeus Elementor plugin.

I have a lot to discuss in this post and plenty to apologise for.

So where to begin with…

Like many users noticed for quite some time, no one heard of me for quite some years, around 3 years to be exact. The reason is simple, I sold OceanWP in a rush for personal reasons that I can’t explain here. Now I’m feeling ready to pursue new adventures and projects.

I came back as a developer for OceanWP a few months ago because it is like my baby, I created it from scratch, so it was hard for me to move on, but the hard truth is, I really don’t like what it became.

It started when I moved OceanWP to Freemius, my first big mistake, Freemius can be a great tool for many people, but it didn’t work for me.

Then I sold it a few weeks later and when I came back after two years, I solve big issues they had since I’ve left and I tried to improve it a lot, but they don’t care about the users, they simply want to increase the prices to sell more and more until OceanWP will die, that the hard truth. So I decided to start again by creating a new WordPress theme and Zeus Elementor.

You can be mad at me, I will totally understand, I’m sorry again and my apologies to the people who send me private messaging, I was very ashamed to say that I sold OceanWP to the wrong people and they also forbid me and Alex to say anything about it.

Their way to manage a team and work is not the way I like to do things, I prefer to listen to the WP community before thinking about money, so don’t be surprised if the bundle prices increase for not a lot more features to it.

I was an idiot to think that I could make things better when I came back, but the reality is no one can. OceanWP is a sinking ship because of my mistakes.

And if you think I speak now because they fired me, well, I still work for them right now, but I’m sure not for a long time when this post will be public ?
People behind OceanWP will probably try to hurt me or my reputation, but I don’t care anymore, I can’t stay silent any longer when I see my own creation destroyed.

A New Beginning

I think it is finally time for me to move on from OceanWP and start something fresh and new, that’s why I created Zeus Elementor and the OlympusWP theme very recently and I will create other great things in the future.

I saw some people on Facebook Group saying that Zeus Elementor is stolen code from my very own plugin Ocean Elementor Widgets. To answer those people, I created Ocean Elementor Widgets from scratch, when I left, the plugin didn’t have many updates, that’s normal, they don’t know how to handle it, so I took my code back which is GPL by the way, I improved many widgets, I make it available to all WP themes and I make Zeus Elementor completely free.

Now you know everything. You can still use OceanWP if you still like it, but you now know that I went against it and Alex de Borba, which for more than 3 years brought a community sense back to OceanWP and lead it on my behalf, also left when he decided to rebel against the direction the company was taking, which was to put aside the community and think only about profit. It is thanks to him that OceanWP recently released a version supporting Vanilla JS and that got back the sense of community that OceanWP quickly behind the scenes betrays.

That been said, welcome to the arena!

30 thoughts on “My Story About OceanWP & Zeus Elementor

      1. Bonjour
        Content de lire les coulisses de l’EXPLOIT. J’envisagerais volontiers la transition d’OceanWP vers OlympusWP si transition voulais dire passer mon site du thème OceanWP+Elementor (gratuits) vers le thème OlympusWP+Zeus Elementor. N’ayant jamais changé le thème d’un site déjà opérationnel, je ne me rends pas compte ni de la facilité/difficulté de la chose, ni de l’investissement en temps, ni des conséquences sur la disponibilité du site, ni de la meilleure procédure pour mettre au point une nouvelle version en parallèle avec l’existant (hébergement chez OVH).
        Je vais explorer ce qu’il me serait possible de faire dans ce but…

        1. Nicolas Lecocq

          Bonjour Robert,
          Je vous recommande fortement de faire un backup de votre site avant de faire la transition. La meilleur façon de procéder serait de créer un site staging, faire les changements nécessaires puis de mettre le site staging live lorsque vous serez satisfait, sinon vous pourrez rencontrer des problèmes et ce n’est jamais bon sur un site live.

  1. Is there a way I can simply transfer my ocean WP site, theme and child theme to Olympus and Zeus without to much trouble? Also how much does it cost?

  2. You build this one and the sell it to the wrong people again and we lose out. I’m with ocean wp lifetime and stuck with them. If u are saying the truth and feel bad about doing what you have done the give everyone their subscriptions without charging them again for it to move over to you.

  3. I am in tears, because I myself had to resign myself to selling one of my creations reluctantly. Believe me I support you 100%. If the information had reached me before I would have immediately left oceanwp. They don’t know how much we care about your work. Give us your news regularly, we will share the truth everywhere. And will support your work, go for this new day. I am sure you will succeed again you have talent and we believe in you.

  4. Salut Nicolas, utilisateur à la création de ton thème (et traducteur de pas mal de plugin et du core aussi) et ayant acheté plusieurs licences pour te soutenir je suis navré de lire cette page. J’ai commencé à migrer mes sites sous OWP vers Hello d’Elementor et je vais continuer (même pour le e-commerce où OWP était un vrai plus).

    Je vais regarder tes nouveau thème pour me faire une idée sur ce que tu proposes désormais.

    Bon continuation.

  5. Hi Nicolas!

    Thank you for being so honest, that says a lot about you and this is one of the reasons why so many people trusted OceanWP, including me.

    I didn’t know about your history during these last years and it is truly sad but, at the same time, a great opportunity to create something bigger and better. I will keep working with OceanWP for some time but be sure that I will be transitioning to OlympusWP sooner than later, probably during 2022.

    Just one question: as I am using Thrive Architect as my page builder, I guess that my best option is to use OlympusWP without Zeus Elementor (I’m not looking to change Thrive Architect for Elementor). Do you think it is a good idea to use OlympusWP without Zeus Elementor? Or are they deeply connected/may be some problem?

    Thank you again for being so brave and sharing this news publicly.

    Best wishes!

  6. OceanWP was a great piece of cake at its beginning, but since it became a freemius product, I went far away from it. For sure I’ll try Olympus WP and Zeus Elementor, in fact I’ve already installed on a fresh WP install to test it! Hope you’ll also create a Zeus Gutenberg plugin, as I’m not in love with Elementor and its recurring bugs…

  7. Why oh Why did you come up with this. I have been so tempted to stay with Html etc. Now, after playing around with Zues and Olympus. I am torn between my code and your widgets, very impressive ! Nic , Alex. I have always liked the way you have built OWP to be a community on Facebook.
    The reason I turn back to Html so often is that by the time I pack in so much CSS, I begin to wonder is WP worth it. Well you got me hooked. I am ready for another blast with your new offering.
    Widgets I would like to see are ‘:
    Pre code widget,.
    Copy code button
    Filter widget such as drop-shadow ,offering layers,
    A proper mega menu with columns that hold images etc .
    An easier method of inserting CSS and JS would be great.

    There you go that will keep you busy lol.

    Good Luck ! Glad to see you around again.

  8. Nice to see you back Nicolas. I agree that things took a downward turn when it switched to Freemius, it was at that point that I jumped ship and cancelled my membership. There hasn’t been a good feel about OceanWP for a while now.
    I look forward to checking out OlympusWP!
    Stay safe

  9. If you have sold the company, why are you getting emails from [email protected] (oceanwp) sponsoring your new zeus elementor theme and plugin?
    It’s strange that you talk badly about them and then you get sponsored by them … don’t you think?

  10. Hello
    Honestly, this was a really bad move and it was made so fast.
    Lack of communication from your part after the sale, made it even worse.
    Good luck with this new project.

  11. I agree with all of you. Even in Oceanwp, I liked how you were always devoted.
    Now think of it as the second start and leap forward.
    There are many users who support you and those who respect and understand you.
    There is a proverb we know.
    [Failure is the mother of success]
    Past memories and events are the past. Now there is only the present and the future.
    Above all, I wish you and your team good health.
    This is because it will become the driving force behind the power to run again.

    Korean developers/users have also used your Ocean wp a lot. They will hear from you again and join you.
    don’t forget You and your teammates are not alone.
    We are all together.

    A Korean friend who thinks of you and your team…

    1. Thank you so much Jingu to be so supportive, you can’t imagine how much I appreciate your kind word and support, I will do my best to offer you amazing plugins and theme 🙏

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