How to Display a Menu Cart Icon Only on Mobile Devices

To add a cart icon on your header, you need to follow this article to create your custom header.

We have created an advanced menu cart widget that you can add anywhere you want, just add the Woo – Menu Cart widget, many settings are available to customize it the way you want as you can see below:

But the problem is that it’s not looking good on mobile devices, so click on your navigation widget of your custom header and activate the Add Cart Icon, you will see a new setting that you also need to activate which is Show Only On Dropdown. Now, you will see a cart icon on your dropdown menu, but you also see the one next to your navigation, to hide it on mobile, click the column, click the Advanced tab, then click on Responsive and click the Hide On Mobile setting like below:
You’re all set! Now if you check on mobile, you will see your hidden cart icon and a new menu cart at the bottom of your dropdown menu.