How to Create a Header with Zeus Elementor

You can create a beautiful, fully responsive and sticky header thanks to Zeus Elementor.
First, click Templates > Saved Templates of your WordPress dashboard, just below Elementor.
Then, click the Add New button at the top, select Section and name it as you want, for example, Header, and click Create Templates:

Some of the Zeus Elementor widgets are specially created for a custom header, just type Header in the Elementor search bar to find them out.

For my custom header, I will add a logo, navigation on the right, and a page header below my header.
So I create a two columns section in Elementor with a large width for my navigation like below:

As you can see, many settings are available including the Add Sticky setting which allows you to stick your header when scrolling.

Also, you’ve probably noticed, the logo is my website text and not an image, it’s normal, to see your logo in the Logo widget, you need to set it up through your customizer settings, it can be on a different location depending of the used theme, I use the free WordPress theme OlympusWP, and the logo settings is under the Site Identity section.
Once you will add a logo, it will automatically appear in the Logo widget of Zeus Elementor.

I customize my navigation a little, then I create a new Elementor section of two columns below my header to add the Page Title widget to the left and the Breadcrumb widget to the right.
(NOTE: To hide your page header on the Home page, just click to select your entire page header, then click the Advanced tab and add hide-on-home in the CSS Classes setting)
As you can see in the screenshot above, you can use Zeus Elementor Breadcrumbs or one of your favorite SEO plugins.

Now that my header is ready for desktop, I don’t forget responsive, so I resize my screen for tablet and mobile to check if my header looks good on all screens.

Careful, for mobile screens, Elementor put their columns sections 100% by default, you just need to click on the columns of your logo and navigation and add 50% as Column Width to have your logo at the left and navigation at the right on all screens.

Last step, go to your WordPress dashboard, click Zeus Elementor, then click the Header/Footer tab, select your header in the Header block and click Save Settings.
That’s it! Now you can check your ensite site and you will see your beautiful Zeus Elementor header.