Get Instagram Access Token

To get your Instagram Token, you need an account on Facebook Developer, you can use your existing account or you can register a new account which you will need to confirm using the verification code Facebook will send to your mobile phone.
So first, login to your Facebook Developer account and go to your apps.
Then, click the Create App button (it ay look a bit different for you if you don’t have any app):

Select None then click Next:

Add a name for your app and a correct email address, then click Create App:

Now, click on Set Up on the Instagram Basic Display Block like below:

Facebook will ask you to update your application settings, so click the Create New App button and name your new app:

Once done, scroll to the User Token Generator section and click on the Add or Remove Instagram Testers button

On the Instagram Testers section, click on the Add Instagram Testers button, then add your Instagram username on the popup that will appear and click Submit.
You will see your instagram account as Pending which is normal. Open a new tab in your browner and login to your Instagram account, then go to your Settings, click Apps and Websites and click on Tester Invites, you will see your app that you need to Accept:

Now go back to your Facebook Developer account and click on Instagram Basic Display > Basic Display, scroll down to the User Token Generator section and click the Generate Token button next to your Instagram username, Facebook will open a popup, login to your Instagram account and click Allow:

Just check I Understand and copy your Token:

The last step is simply to paste your token into the Instagram widget of Zeus Elementor and enjoy displaying your Insta Pics: